Man suffering from Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Satisfying your partner is one of, if not THE, main goals for us guys when we are with our partner. Premature Ejaculation makes that impossible, but Fort Myers Men’s Clinic can help.

Any guy that has ever suffered from PE, or Premature Ejaculation, knows how embarrassing that can be. The one thing that as men we NEED to do is satisfy our partner. PE makes that impossible, and the worst thing is that no one really knows why it happens. Fort Myers Men’s Clinic understands the weight of this issue, and can help make sure you last as long as is needed to get the job done. If you are ready for a solution that works, call our office today at 239.317.7777.

What is PE?

PE, or Premature Ejaculation, is where you climax shortly after, or even before, sexual intercourse occurs. Once you climax, your erection naturally begins to dissipate, which makes pleasing your partner through intercourse an impossibility. Fort Myers Men’s can help you maintain your erection for as long as is need to satisfy your loved one. Talk to our expert team today about the available options.

How We Can Help

Our custom treatments will help you maintain an erection after your climax, and give you the ability to fully satisfy your sexual partner. PE will no longer be the wall that stands between you and the satisfaction of your intimate partner. Our team is ready to help you get past this issue, and start lasting as long as you want to.

Fort Myers Men’s Clinic has options that will make sure you finish what you start. Call our office today at 239.317.7777 to schedule your visit. Our online form is another way to schedule your visit as well.

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