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You’ve probably heard our ads on the radio, seen them on T.V, and read them in the paper. Chances are good that you know a patient of ours, whether you know it or not. We have successfully treated over 20,000 men for their erectile dysfunction. That’s 20,000 happy men who have gained their intimacy back. 20,000 couples who are back to enjoying their sex life. 40,000 people whose lives have been forever changed for the better because they took the first step and made one simple phone call.

Why should you choose the Fort Myers Men’s Clinic over those “other guys”? There are lots of reasons to choose us. For starters, we’re not a “fly by night” company. We have been around for years and will be around for years to come. The office is decked out with big screen T.Vs playing sports, men’s interest magazines in the waiting areas, and man cave decorations everywhere. We only treat men for their erectile dysfunction. We don’t offer cosmetic surgeries, weight loss programs, or sell hair products. The most important reason to come see us is because our custom blended medication and our state-of-the art technology actually works! That’s right. 97% of our patients have achieved successful outcomes. Our specialty is getting men their confidence back in the bedroom. That’s it!
We are managed by men, for men, with an all-male office staff. There is no chance of any judgments here because many of us have experienced exactly what you are experiencing right now. Our staff understands what you are going through, know that it is a common medical condition, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

Your office visit is only $99, and our clinic has an incredible 97% success rate. If you don’t see results on your very first visit, there is no charge for that visit and that is our promise to you. Our clinic offers the latest in E.D. technology such as the PulseED which treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction with sound waves. It’s proven to increase blood flow, enhance sensation, and its pain and drug-free.

In short, it doesn’t matter if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature issues, or Peyronie’s disease. We care about you and your happiness. The Fort Myers Men’s Clinic is here to help you reclaim your love life, youth and confidence again. You have nothing to lose by calling us and everything to gain. The Fort Myers Men’s Clinic (239) 317-7777